Station 19 Season 6 Episode 7 Review: We Build Then We Break

Written By- Adrsh Pandey

Well, that was an incredibly dark return to the season. They didn't leave us with a glimmer of light during Station 19 Season 6 Episode 7 unless you are a fan of Ro

Sullivan's romance or the prospect of Jack returning to the station and building a relationship with his biological sister brings you joy.

But the Maya and Marina situations aren't getting better anytime soon, and the series' coverage of police brutality against Black men again was gratuitous and triggering.

It was an ambitious hour, yet it didn't gain momentum until midway through. It was also one of those tonally off types of installments.

For some reason, we had Maya's descent and Marina's current dissolution, Dixon's blackmail, hilarious Golden Girls-esque senior women on a scavenger hunt,

an emotionally damaging Crisis One call vying for our attention within the same hour.

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But then the next, Maya is having a full emotional episode that requires psychological hold in the next scene, and a young Black man and the three WOC at the house facing down guns by the most demented fucking cops in Seattle in the next.

It was a lot. Too much. And these are the type of tonal shifts that are aggravating about this series and can make installments a muddled mish-mash of great performances and ridiculous plots.

For the lighter arc, the senior-aged ladies were cute. Surprisingly, Beckett seemed to have a soft spot for them and had no problems indulging them and encouraging their antics.

When they came in with one of them donning fuzzy handcuffs, it seemed like a storyline involving racy, randy seniors in a home having kinky fun.